View of the margravine's bedroom, Rastatt Favorite Palace

Luxurious fabrics and Bohemian glassThe margravine's bedroom

Bohemian candlesticks and elaborate embroidery: the decor in the bedrooms of Rastatt Favorite Palace is especially majestic. The original state bed in the margravine's bedroom is a particular highlight.

Alliance coat of arms for Baden-Baden and Sachsen-Lauenburg above the alcove in the margravine's bedroom, Rastatt Favorite Palace

The alliance coat of arms for Baden-Baden and Sachsen-Lauenburg above the alcove.

The bedroom decor

The bedroom is an elegant affair. Stucco marble gleams on the floor, an ornate chandelier made of Bohemian glass hangs from the ceiling. Sibylla Augusta's state bed stands in an alcove, a large niche set apart from the rest of the room. This is the most important part of the room, a fact that is reinforced by the coat of arms above the alcove. It is the Baden and Sachsen-Lauenburg alliance coat of arms, the two families joined by the marriage of Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm and Sibylla Augusta.

The margravine's bedroom, Rastatt Favorite Palace

The margravine's bedroom.

Use of the state bed

State beds served a purely representational function in the palaces of absolutist princes. In the early 18th century, they usually stood with the headboard against the wall. These beds were never slept in. The beds in the adjoining private rooms were for sleeping. The actual sleeping chambers were much simpler and have not held up well.

Sibylla Augusta's state bed, Rastatt Favorite Palace

Sibylla Augusta's state bed.

Sibylla Augusta's state bed

The state bed linens and ceiling canopy are made of Chinese silk damask and Italian silver brocade. The damask was once described as having a “celadon” (jade green) color, but it has since faded. The appliqué and the silk and metal thread embroidery decorating the fabrics are of the highest quality. During Margravine Sibylla Augusta’s time, the wall fabrics in the bedroom were also coordinated with the bedspread's color scheme.

Headboard for the state bed in Sibylla Augusta's bedroom, Rastatt Favorite Palace

Original fabric used on the bed, in this case the state bed headboard, decorated with elaborate embroidery and appliqué.

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