Swans and ducks at Rastatt Favorite Palace

On a discovery tourAnimals in the palace garden

The palace garden offers more than just romantic spots; the expansive landscape garden is also home to many animals. Vigilant visitors may catch a glimpse of one or two of them.

Turtle by the pond in the garden, Rastatt Favorite Palace

Even reptiles live by the garden pond.

Habitat in the palace garden

The pond Rastatt Favorite Palace garden is a true habitat for many animals. This includes reptiles. The turtle makes an exotic impression, but apparently she feels right at home here. When danger threatens, she can withdraw quickly—if a turtle can be described as such—to the water and hide. With any luck, visitors can observe her on the edge of the pond. A rare treat that turns a trip to the palace garden into a special experience in nature.

Ducks in the palace garden

Many mallard ducks have found a home on the pond and the lush green lawns of the grounds. They bustle around cheerfully in the pond and along the shore. The secluded idyll of the palace garden offers animals the right conditions for raising their young. Visitors can enjoy the throngs of ducklings beginning in March – but please don't disturb them!

Ducks and their spring ducklings in the palace garden
Ducks in the garden, Rastatt Favorite Palace

Ducks are everywhere in the expansive landscape garden at Rastatt Favorite Palace.

Eagle owl in the garden, Rastatt Favorite Palace

The eagle owl hiding in the crowns of the majestic tress of the palace garden.

Elegant hunters

There are animals in the garden at Rastatt Favorite Palace that are only rarely seen. For example, the eagle owl, an elegant raptor, famously active at night. However, in order to see this magnificent bird, visitors must wait in the dark for the perfect opportunity. Owls do also occasionally enjoy sunning themselves on a bare branch, so a look to the tree canopy is worth visitors’ time.